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Originally Posted by HORShi View Post
@ bmaddock

Not to thread jack, but regarding my tranny/white bunny clutch issue in the other thread I's my slave and clutch cylinder. Both died on me. Plus my damper "devil" box is still installed smdh. So will remove on test Wednesday.

But I want to ask you. Which T3/T4 50 Trim exhaust housing did you choose? .48 or .63?

I'm debating on getting the T3/T4 in .48 instead of .63 because I do not plan on pushing the car no more than 300HP, and if I do get close to that #, its on a track day. Plus looking at other KA-T drivers dyno charts, the .48 looks slightly better in spool time and response which would be good for a nice daily driven street car. I'm just worried that if I go .63, then I won't truly be able to maximize its potential or efficiency compared to the .48.
I can't comment on the .48, but i ran the .63 for a long time. Plenty responsive for a street car
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