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S13 Silvia Metal Fender Production Request

Hey all, I contacted Street Faction about producing some metal silvia fenders, as they are long since obsolete.

Here is what Thao replied:
Hi Nash, thank you for the idea! Please fill out our project request form here. This form will allow us to track trending requests. Once we start seeing a trend, our team will look into which projects are the most popular and/or would make the most sense to take on.

Since our team is focused on other ongoing projects and fulfilling current orders, it can be a while before these requests can be looked at, but we will explore the possibilities and contact you if we move forward with your request. Thanks again!

Here is the link to request:

Please submit a request for production of metal silvia fenders as they have the means to produce them.

Im hoping if enough people submit a request they will start making them!

If interested, this was my original email to Thao/ Street Faction:

Hi, I have a request and idea that you guys could market very easily as the demand is high an no one else is producing it.

From the looks of yalls cad designs, I truly think yall could make this idea happen and it would be a gold mind.

Here is my idea and request: S13 metal Silvia fenders

Only ones on the market are fiberglass, and the OE ones from nissan are long since obsolete.

And to further the market, if able; you could also offer over fender sizes, 20mm, 30mm, etc.

I have only been able to source 1 set of used metal silvia fenders, and they are $600 each...

Just a thought i wanted to forward, abd one i hope you guys will really consider.
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