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RB neo timing ignition is driving me CRAZY!!!

Im finishing my RB25det NEO and I'm stuck trying to set up the ignition timing. First the mods.

Freddy plenum
Stock turbo
Stock Maf
Boost solenoid
Stock throttle body
Walbro fuel pump
Fuel regulator set to 36psi idle 42psi wot
Stock injectors
Wiring specialist harness

I already test the tps,cas, Maf, temp sensor and everything is ok. I double checked the mechanical timing and is onpoint.
So I let the engine warm up (idle around 700rpm) turn it off, I disconnect the tps, start again rpms jump to 900 at idle. With my timing light connected and moving my cas I can retard it all the way (counterclockwise) and get 25*. I can't reach the 15*.
The vacuum is almost 20 inhg at idle so I believe I don't have a leak, my fuel ratio is at 14.7
On my Nissan data scan show 5* timing. If I try to rev the engine fast it bogs and if I do it slow is ok. On my data scan I can run the base idle adjustments setting which automatically set the timing to 15* and revs perfect. After that the timing goes back to 5*.
Any help will be appreciated

Timing marks:


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