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I would like to see what the production model looks like, but I definitely won't want to touch it if it is anywhere close to the concept. Sorry but when I get out of my 240, i always catch myself turning around to look at it as I walk away. I KNOW i couldn't stand to keep looking at that concept.

Yes we all wanted Nissan to make a RWD Turbocharged Coupe, but we also have been begging for the 90's styling. Sorry but everyone still loves the Mazda RX7, Mk4 Toyota Supra, and the S15. Look at the Supra concept for an example. A lot of Supra fanboi are hating on the futuristic design. Sure most of them probably won't be able to afford the new Supra, but it shows that manufactures just aren't hitting the mark for their targets. The FRS/BRZ was off the mark in the fact that it is powerless, and I personally had to have the design grow on me. Now I would personally buy a BRZ and turbocharge that rather than buy a vehicle I can't even stand to look at.

Now all of that could easily change if the production model comes out sexy.
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