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23.01.2013 Update:

Whats been done is no major things, rather the smaller things that often is the "time stealers" on a project, in order to make it perfect.

First thing I can tell about (already posted a picture) is that I painted the Valvecover Gold Wrinkle, which I found to be a nice contrast to a black whrinkle plenum and turbo.

About the plenum/ Air intake setup I will get back to that in a later post, but I can tell that it's going to be some customized stuff made to work together with my custom cams and the turbo.

Also I will run 2 sets of injectors, that make it a total of 8 fuel injectors.
This will be ran sequential and is truly only some "nazi" setup from my side to try to make a more stable low RPM as the cams isn't of the "Kind" type.

I am going to place the second fuelrail below the plenum, that would most likely be some ID2200 injectors, and the top fuelrail between the ports and ITB's is going to be some 740cc~ size injectors. This is going to be tight as the room for a second set of injectors is very limited. That is why I am placing them on the downside of the runners.

The plenum is based off a ex-WRC class A Nissan car which I got my hands on after 6 months of searching for it in the US. I do the aluminium welding and such myself so things go a little slow as I am the only person working on this project ( I dont trust others to touch my baby lol)

Another thing that actually took me more time then expected was to make a adjustable mount for the altenator.

Made of aircraft steel ofc

Failed when making it as I forgot the more "plan" based mounting, I was thinking of using the same spot as used in the BTCC cars, the frostplug on the head. anyway it would just hit my Oilfilter which I forgot.

Did a little polish and opened it and put some castrol grease inside and mounted it

Besides this I got the holes drilled for my dual waterpump setup and they are now mounted, I forgot to take a picture but I will do that tomorrow.

Here is a picture of a Volvo 16v head that We are working on, this I'm placing on my brothers B230FK in his "retro" Volvo 240 car. Flowed pretty good for this head, ports are exactly 50mm <--> Welded som on the inside to make the curb better in the future this is also going to be close to 1000whp.

Here is a picture from before christmas when I check turbo clearance to bonnet/hood w/e proper english word would be

"and with that bombshell I say see you next time" or something (Topgear)
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