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s13 1JZ swap: Wiring Isses

Hey guys, so i have a question about some of the stock wiring harness in my s13. But i guess first ill fill you in on my build.

The car: 1990 240sx s13 hatch
The engine: 1JZ GTE VVTi out of a JZX100
I had a plug and play engine wiring harness made by Mark Panic of PANIC WIRE in oregon, his end looks great.

I got the engine and trans is last weekend and am just starting to delve into the wiring, which until now i was pretty sure should go fairly quickly. The reworked enigne harnes plugs into the front chassis harness of the s13 with a wide grey plug and a brown plug. I've sucessfully grounded the battery to the frame and the three white wires going into the passenger side fuse box and run the positive battery cable to the starter solenoid and that is where the first problem arises, i know, that didn't take long I'm noticing that after running the positive to the starter, it has no way to get back to the fuse box to power everything else. Some cars i know take their positive power from the solenoid back through the harness but with the 1J, thats not the case. So it has become apparent to me that i need to introduce a separate positive cable into the fuse box my self and i need to know...

Where on an s13 does the positive from the battery normally get introduced into the fusebox?

One thing that worries me is that someone has previously done some, lets say, "modifications" to the stock harness wiring under the passenger side fuse box to the tune of jumping the alternator fusable link, adding random grounding wires and cutting some apart etc.


After talking to Mark Panic, a known wiring expert, none of this should effect the basic electric operations of the car and engine.

A few other questions i have:

Where can i get oem nissan relays, alternator fusable link, etc?

If it comes down to it, where can i source a new front chassis harness for an s13?

The rest of the harness around the car looks good, and i am pretty confident that once i can establish 12v at the ignition switch, itll be all good.

Thanks in advance for any and all help, its been a fun build and ill be happy to post pictures and what not if any one is curious about the project.

Cheers and happy driving!
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