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Conversation Between longfellow and MrChow
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  1. MrChow
    07-01-2010 02:31 AM
    These things? Energy Suspension Subframe Pineapple Bushing : S13/14 1989-98 240SX
    Hmm.. 1/16" off.. Hmm.. I have friend with a grandpa with a machine shop. Going to make life soo much easier when it comes to bushings.

    God soo many things I want to do now... I hate zilvia sometimes... LOL
  2. MrChow
    06-30-2010 06:57 PM
    Oh yeah he did! I'll have to hunt him down later. Yeah I my are almost splitting last time I checked... wurd.

    Well it really dependents on the corner. Like in the pass auto-x event we had a Lane Changes corners. Now Those SUCK! For the first one I had to brake to slow down turn-in, next was lift with a lil brake to get the traction and the last one was a small lift. It was crazy I only 2 out of 4 laps i hit cones.
    Yeah I'd like to start Road racing but I'd like more money before I start on that part of my life.

    wow that's nice. damn you guys and your boost.. D= tbh I'd be in trouble if I got more power atm. I'm finishing up my drifting this season getting down the last of my car control. I'm going to get serious next season with my times.

    I've lighted my S14 already I just pull my A/C cuz I broke it... C/F Hood and lighter battery. So that a good amount there. I actually had to lower the front a lil because of that.

    Just in general anything bigger than 215 is going to help. More traction is soo helpful than the grip oh god. I'm soo not going to be use to grip and traction again.. LOL. Yeah I kinda want to but then don't.. I do a lot of hwy driving and I like my MPG hehe.

    So what did you do for your Sub Frame bushing thing?
  3. MrChow
    06-30-2010 05:15 PM
    Yeah my tires are turning to shit. I ran with 235/40/17 RT 615 for a while but I wasn't has a good driver back then. I bet it would! Next season I'll be buying better tires for autox. I'm going to shoot for 1st in class I got 3rd last year =D

    I prefer the same setup. But I had to go about the same front and rear because of the tire grips I've running so I had to softness the front a lil more than I like. I don't have a stock rear... D= hehe. Uh... I know that's what it felt like then I add some more preload now to the rear and it handle like I want it to. It take more to get to the limit now. Yeah I want to try a softer spring in there rear now because of all of this. I totally forgot that SPL sell the springs. I'll have to try that now.

    I understand that I've been reading a lot how poly bushing are being more maintenance then rubber. Where did you get your Spherical for your rears? What are you going to do about your LCA bushings? My are all Shot up. D=

    Hehe I hear you there. I've got a good friend that a Pro driver and has taught me a lot about driving. On most auto-x course he's only about 2 sec faster than me. So that makes feel good about myself. So my idea to my car is to able to feel everything. My rears have great traction normally and during a drift or oversteer. My fronts is just my tires just don't have any traction cuz how small I've been running.

    Wow M3 level. Hehe M3 are soo fast! They give SOOO much grip but when you get to limit it just goes! Like grip girp - gone!

    That is most likely true... but when I change to bigger tires it won't hinder my times too much. I like more rotation in my rear, so basically I'm oversteer but not into a drifting. I drive my S14 like it's a AE86 more time on the throttle the better.

    I have a S14 with a KA in it. All i have a Intake, exhaust and Jim Wolf ECU so I'd like to say 160-165ish WHP. But I really have no idea.
    I plan on a supercharger far down the road after I fix up a lot of stuff.
  4. MrChow
    06-30-2010 03:36 PM
    Also about my understeer. atm it isn't bad at all. I have to up my shocks to half way to get them to turn in better but for being on 215/40/17 Goodyear F1's with less 50% thread left I'm super happy with my setup. I just minor problems in like chicane and lane changes where I need more traction up to turn in. I can't just lift i to get it i have to tap the brake and it makes me lose speed through the rest of the course. TBH I can't explain it well it's just a small problem that fixed I know. blah. -.-
  5. MrChow
    06-30-2010 03:25 PM
    I have Stance GR+Pros coils and they come with 9k-6k springs. So it's what I have on me right now to try out. Currently I've been driving back on 215 to learn limit on my car and the suspension. I'll be going back to either 235 or 245 for my next season of Auto-x
    My setup is:
    Stance GR+Pro 8k/7k
    Whiteline Sway front and rear. Soft setting in the front and Stiffer in the rear.
    All SPC arms for the rear.
    Some ebay Spherical tension rod in the front with Tein tie rods.
    Nismo power brace and f/r ebay struts bar.
    Nismo 1.5 LSD

    -1.8 camber front, 0.1 toe (stock setting), i think 6.6* caster
    -1.4 camber rear, Stock setting toe?
    My alignment is not dial in yet... I have a old RLCA that needs to be replace.. =|

    I wished I could get my video's of the pass auto-x and from another date so I could show you how my car handles. In this video YouTube - NorCal UFO Marina Autocross Runs 5/2/10 I couldn't keep my rear in check at all it just wanted to slide. This pass auto-x I adjusted my preload in my rears to add a lil more on the spring helper and it fixed my oversteer problems. Over 2 years ago I use to play with my preload a lot to see how it could effected the suspension but that was before auto-x where I learned how to race more or less.

    I like your thought behind all of this work and I'm wanting to follow. Just like you I DD my car everyday and track it. But the roads I DD on BAADD like that haven't been worked on for 25 years now. So I've been thinking how to balance out softness with being able to apply good roll stiffness to that car. I do the same thing the shock better much at the softest setting and it ride alright just get some extra bounds.

    That's a interesting about thought about the rear drool I haven't thought about that. I need to change out my bushing.. I still haven't thought about it yet to use poly or Spherical yet. But after reading your setup I may lead toward Spherical now.
    I know haven't had a problem with lifting yet. My car has it is look like it's flat through everything but inside you can feel the roll and it isn't bad roll at least to me.
    Since my front sway is actually not that much bigger than stock I still feel roll. I don't mind it till it effects my handing. So I want to try out what softer springs and a stiffer setting on sways will do to my car.

    Sorry if my English is a messy and I start to ramble a lot think... But I'll let you know what happens when I change my springs out.

    Thanks for the input!
  6. MrChow
    06-30-2010 01:09 PM
    Uh... Interesting to hear that about KTS I believe it. Sorry I meant what bushing have you done. Like have you done the bushing to the LCAs? That one of the next things on my list of things to do.

    I just did a auto-x this pass weekend and i keep having the same problem with my weight transfer and speed. Our auto-x are lower speed course so I have to try a lil with some turns and stuff...

    After listening to what you have done I'm going to try out what 7k/6k feels like for now. I'm already using 8k/7k.
    Sorry if I'm being a bug but I'm really interested with your setup.

  7. MrChow
    06-28-2010 03:28 AM
    Hm... Are you using a custom valve KTS? or just stock valving?
    What's are your alignment spec?
    Wait so you only have your upright bushing done?

    Do you have a Nismo front brace or something along those lines?
    I'm just curious about how are you car turn-in's I know i have a small problem with my setup but that's my bushing and alignment...
  8. MrChow
    06-26-2010 02:20 PM
    I'd like to learn more about your S14 suspension setup. I've been thing of doing something like that with my car for a LONG time now. Big sways and soft springs.

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