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King 240
10-27-2005, 12:32 AM
Tacos for Life

As some of you are aware here in College Station I run a nice little country back road that had become named "The Taco Run".
For those who have gone, all have enjoyed it for the most part.
The reason for this post is to help the family that runs JP's Taco Express, which is the sole purpose of the "Taco Run"

JP the owner of JP's Taco Express recently had a heart attack and was given a double bypass. He is doing great and in good recovery. The Taco stand is the families main source of income and since they have had to close it down for the past 2 weeks due to JPs condition they have been hard pressed for funds.
I'm planning, what I hope will be a large gathering of car and motorcycle enthuisit to make the Taco Run and help support JP's Taco Express. With out it there would be no "Taco Run".

Being in a community of car people who have all become good friends and aquantances I hope that you will be able to make the run. After the run we can hold a group gathering at a park here in College Station, TX
Thank you for your time, and information on the meeting location and time, etc will be posted below.

Thank you,
Steve "King 240" Ellis

Tacos for Life
Meeting location:
Texas A&M Reed Arena Parking lot
(side that faces George Bush Drive)

November 5th, 2005

10am -12noon
(roll out from Reed Arena 12noon sharp)

JP's Taco Express in Caldwell, TX

This is a benefit run lets try to have a good turn out, good conversation and for once not have any drama due to trying to show off, or anything such as burn outs, attempted drifting, or street racing. If this turns out to be a big group then I'm sure Cops will see us rolling around, so lets not give them a reason ok.

For more information fell free to contact me personally to let me know if you'll be coming, or have any questions.

Steve Ellis
Cell (979)492-9222
Email: [email protected]

King 240
11-01-2005, 06:27 PM
Hopefully if anyone can make it that you come out. It would be greatly appreciated, also there should be a good amount of cars out as this has been posted of many forums.