View Full Version : check engine lilight blinks but ECU wont flash codes

10-10-2005, 11:59 PM
OK so i have a S14, with a SR20det, the ecu is the correct ecu, no problems there. wiring was done by a good shop and everything works fine, motor runs great. except once every 20 or 30 seconds at idle u can hear a hiccup, and every so often the check engine light comes on when i start he car up and wont go away until the car is turned off. the light instead of staying on, blinks like a mofo, sometimes i stays on for 2 seconds, blinks 10 times, stays on for 5 sec blinks 2 more times, etc etc. so as you can see there doesnt seem to be any ryme or reason to the blinking. ALso i check the ECU and try to throw a code and the code light doesnt come on, doesnt blink at all.

i recently did not have my knock sensor connected and someone suggested it was most likely the sensor, so i connected it up, and still, its pulling the same BS. hiccups, engine lite, throws no codes. this doesnt happene very time i turnt he car on, only maybe 1/10 and it stays on from startup till when i stop it. someimtes itll happen 2 or 3 times in a row for like 2 days strait. anyways, has anyone seen this problem before? any suggestions as to what it could be because im totally clueless.