View Full Version : 92 ka24de acting up

07-19-2005, 04:07 PM
i'm having a few problems with my car acting funny...

to start with... after a few mins of idle i rev up and white smoke comes out...it doesnt do it while going down the road though...

i have arospeed sport springs on and when i hit 60-70mph a wierd sound comes from my rear passenger side...its almost like a grinding sound but it also has something like a metal tap to it...people say my tires rubbing but i have checked it out and my tires just fine...theres no signs of rubbing at all

and the main one that gets me...i have to laugh when it happens although i dont know if its really serious or not...

once ina while when i turn my door ajar light flases and my interior light flashes...then after the turn itll go away but then a few secs later itll start again while going straight... and heres the funny part... to get it to stop i have to crack my drivers side window... i do know its a short in my wiring...but would any of you know from where?

thx for any help you guys give me!!