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03-15-2005, 02:44 AM
My car was likely stolen last night in Springfield MO.

She's a 94 Accord, light blue, lowered about 2", Focal 16" rims.

If you are in the area, especially, please please be on the lookout, and if you happen to see the car or know anything, please contact me

my IM is xcsharpshadowx, I'm always online - I don't post my phone just for safety sake, but we can pursue further contact if you know something.

Thanks very much guys.

PS: what you see in the picture. It has an H22 motor, Focal R3 16" rims, clear corners up front, clear bumpers. Nothing else special.. removed pin stripes, no badging in the rear (even the H is missing, holes are still there). Stock plastic skirts. Lisence plate Missouri tags, 3-Nails


I don't even know the guy or anything but since you guys know cars i thought if you saw anything you could help the guy out. I'm from CA but i hope he finds his car and i hope you guys can help.

03-15-2005, 01:04 PM

Sheriff found the car at about 4:30 am way north of the city on a dead end farm road, appears to be in tact minus:

16" Focal R3 Rims
Bridgestone 205/50/16 RE730 tires
37820-P13-900 ECU
2 Pinoeer 12" Subs / sealed box
Rockford Fosgate 120aII amp
Pioneer Premeir DHP720 head unit
AEM shortram intake tube / filter
Neuspeed oil cap
optima red top battery
~15 CDs
broken ignition
AND my school notebook (with notes and poems. what the ****?)

They decided to leave behind:

350 dollar Oakleys
front speakers
koni adjusting knob
jumper cables
university parking pass ($90!)
a textbook
AND their own jack (idiots, too low to pull it out!)

So. Yeah. I don't know what to think. I'm leaving it sitting until I can get to a junkyard and get some cheapo rims so I can at least have it properly pulled onto a flatbed. Then I suppose it's inspect, drain flush, repair, replace and try again. My guesstimate is 2 months and probably 2500 dollars, depending. If no suspension parts are damaged, I'll be thankful.

I can't believe someone would steal my car...and not steal my sunglasses. What a bunch of mother****ing retards. I forgive them, but geesh.


THANK YOU guys for your support and being willing to look out. Keep an eye out for any of those stolen items coming out of the Missouri area. I really hope none of you have to ever deal with this shit.

thanks guys