View Full Version : WTB: Oil Pan, MAFS, etc

02-15-2005, 06:03 AM
I'm looking to buy the following:

Oil pan for a 96' KA, any fitting year will do
Z32 MAFS, with plug preferably
a set of S14 SE Wheels. without tires, preferably.

I have the following to sell or trade for these items:

a Razo aluminum/carbon fiber heavy shift knob
A custom made Cold Air Intake, BIG tubing. could be cut up and used for intercooler piping also.
A sub-box of some brand, quite possibly infinity.
An amp that went with that sub-box. (can you tell I don't know much about audio?)
I've also got a full set of 'beginner' snowboarding equipment, if anyone's interested.

PM me here, or email me: sunistrimza @gmail.com (remove that space)