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02-05-2005, 03:05 AM
Im just starting this thread to talk about my weak knowledge of these cars. I see that this is talked about everywhere. But to me never in a way that I need help. Ive read the specs and what is the difference in Japan and Us. At first Im not so worried about sr engine swaps and all that. Im not sure I could even handle that much HP. I have fun in manual 120 hp cars. But now Im 28 and I want to get a car and get make fun and still drive on trips. I dont know that much and so I just want to talk. Maybe there is a better forum for lesser people like me. Ive been checking allot in the last 7 days and since I live in Texas it seems a little less people in my area. Ive seen posts from forums that there are people here. I just feel Im older now and that Im late in the game. Ive always had Hondas and Acuras. But never spent money to upgrade them. So I decided to save up for a new car and I was in a forum where i came across a pic of gtr 34 skyline and started to read about cars that are rear wheel drive. So I like the Silvia. I see that Im the last person to jump on this shit. I just got to reading about it. Im probably the oldest person. But I still need to learn. I see allot of shit talking going on and Im not tryng to say shit. I dont know about drifting to much or The Fast And The Furious. I care less about stickers and crazy tail shit. I want to talk about things I would need to learn. Like what should I do first. If I can get one. I see that the s13 is lighter. I like the s14 though. That is what im tryng to get. I need to learn about the LSD. What model would I want from 95-98? What does super-hicas do for me? Im not tryng to go crazy off the bat. Im just thinking maybe I could have a nice fast car for someone like me. I dont want to kill myself but I need to learn about suspension on this car and what upgrades are for me. Anyways, this is the thread that I want to start. If you think I need to go somewhere else and bring this up because this is not for here, let me know. I live in Austin Texas, I know no cowboys or hicks. People are on top of shit here. Its not like you think. I just dont see that many quality good cars like these. I could be wrong. Im not sure about the ricer term. Does it mean to much fake looking shit and not real parts? Just looking for info. Sorry about the long speech just dont want to make a wrong choice on a car. Just really started to love this Nissan thing. Talk to me. Diss me. Just give me info or a way I need to think about cars like this and upgrades for people like me, not a 16 year old starting out (not that there is anything wrong with that), but someone old and just getting started.
Thanks, Cell

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02-05-2005, 01:14 PM
I'm sorry, these type of post don't go too well on this forum.
All the questions you're asking can be easily answered with a simple search.
It might take you months to find all your answers or it might take you a days.
There's no direct answer to your questions. When you find your answer, you will decide what's best for your car.

02-06-2005, 09:09 AM
If i were you id get a 350z and call it a day. Id bet there are a lot of people with 240sx that mod them and would rather just have a 350z and not have to throw money at it.

02-06-2005, 01:37 PM
this isnt even posted in the right place