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06-22-2021, 03:25 PM
Hi all, I'm doing a custom air conditioning setup in my s14 since stock parts are hard to find/ too expensive. I have a few questions and would appreciate the help, thanks in advance. I'm a newb to A/C stuff. Btw I'm using an s13 sr20 blacktop compressor.

Firewall connections... There is a large diameter connection and a smaller diameter one below it. Which connections are high/low pressure and in/out?
I assume these aren't "AN" fittings, so what are they?

Compressor ports... The port closest to the pulley is high or low pressure? And which one goes to the condenser?

06-22-2021, 05:17 PM
the big line is the suction/low side
the small line is the discharge/high side
fittings, that i cant tell you.
make sure you use some sort of low/high safety switch and a filer drier.
other than that good luck, I've also got the need to install my a/c in my ls swapped kouki but I'm too lazy and until i get he car from not getting hot its on the backburner.

also it wont hurt to do some research on basic a/c, it will help to get a better idea on the sequence of operation.

06-22-2021, 06:09 PM
Thank you. I've done some research on how it all works. I came here for specific answers that I wasn't able to find.

So what you're talking about is the compressor ports, correct?
What about the firewall connections, which one is in/out and high/low?

Thanks you for the response.

06-23-2021, 07:07 PM
fire wall ports, big line(low) is the out and small line(high) is in. (liquid to vapor)
compressor, big line (low) is in and small line (high) is out. (vapor to liquid)
this is basic a/c in a nut shell. besides the expansion valve, evap and cond.

06-23-2021, 07:23 PM
Thank you for your help!!!

06-24-2021, 01:42 PM
Look at my build thread if you want some ideas on hoses. I cut the fittings at the firewall and welded crimp able fittings to them, then routed the hoses along the frame rail on the PS side to avoid going behind the engine. I used a tucked condenser with built in drier and adapted the factory pressure switch to work with.