View Full Version : Turbo ls guys question

sr vegas 240
05-01-2021, 12:27 AM
Anyone running a turbo on their ls with sikky oil pan? Having alot of oiling issues mostly drain, seems that oil return port is too low and with engine running oil is pushing out the drain hole even with AN fitting on. Massive amount of oil in Turbo. Turbo is new 0 miles

05-18-2021, 10:03 AM
I do not have an LS, but most low mount turbos need some type of scavenge pump. How low is the outlet of the turbo and/or the drain line? Do you have pictures?

sr vegas 240
05-19-2021, 05:43 PM
Got it resolved. Turns out sikky Dipstick is not accurate. I was 2 qt overfilled blocking oil drain. Oil couldn't drain. Removed 2qt oil and it solved the problem.