View Full Version : damaged oil pan mating surface on block

11-19-2020, 11:32 PM
When I bought my s13 sr powered 240 it didn't leak a drop but I soon realized that a lot of the work had been done very mickey mouse. Done by someone who knew what they were doing but was rushed or wasn't being payed enough.

One gem that has been the current bane of my existence is that there's a solid chip in the block about an inch long, quarter inch deep that curves with the top of the curve taking out some of the thread that was there. I'm thinking of drilling to helicoil it but there's barely any block left to helicoil on the outer edge. They had JB welded it but that had fallen out and hit me when I was working on it lol.

My question is how should I go about fixing this? I helicoiled the middle hole well but this would be more involved and the subframe interferes. I saw a video detailing how super glue and baking soda can be reacted to form a very hard rock like surface. Would helicoiling the limited ~1/4 inch thread and surrounding with the mixture i described above work? what are your suggestions. I'd prefer not pulling the motor since that will be done in a year or two and I'd like the leak fixed sooner rather than later as it infuriates my father to dot his nice driveway.

I'm open to ideas, Thank you

11-20-2020, 12:17 AM
Quick fix would be to properly apply JB-weld. I've never seen that super glue/baking soda but if it works then I would give it a try!

This guy who use to work with me mentioned he picked up some product called "liquid threads" (I think that was the name) it was some type of thread repair he used on his derby cover on his Harley and he was able to torque the bolt down.

A quick search and I found Permatex stripped thread repair! I have no idea how good it is but might be worth a shot. I have a stripped hole on my Oil pump to oilpan and I might try this stuff on it.

11-20-2020, 02:22 AM
I'll give it a shot on my next oil change, It's getting expensive to take off so many times