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11-03-2020, 12:59 PM

I have an rb25det that I had swapped into my 280z by a reputable shop. Ever since I got it back it wouldn?t run right. Once it got hot it would shut off. It got sent back. They fixed it supposedly and same issue when I got it back. Ran a bit longer this time but once it got hot it would stall out.

I lost the motivation in the project. I didn?t have the experience and bite off more than I could chew. Plus money was tight after the swap. This was like 3 years ago.

Now I?m trying to get the car running finally. I?ve checked a few things and can?t figure out why it won?t turn on.

Spark is good. I pulled out the plugs and replaced them just incase. I made sure they?re sparking when I turn the ignition. When I pull them out their wet so they?re getting fuel.

I will say the fuel pressure regulator is showing odd readings. When I turn the key the pump primes and pressure jumps to 22 psi and holds. When I crank it the engine tries to turn and fuel pressure jumps to 40 and the needled jumps between 40-50 while its trying to start.

Tested compression on all the cylinders and they all hold compression. I?m not sure if the tester I have is good because it?s old. I did cyl 1-3 and they were all 145-150. Then cyl 4,5 and 6 showed 180. I went back and did cyl 1-3 and it also showed 180-185. I assume it?s a problem with the tester. Not sure.

I tried using starter fluid into the intake manifold and nothing. It?s almost as if it has no spark but the spark plugs are definitely firing when I pulled them all out and tested them.

11-09-2020, 04:00 PM
Just to update the thread. It turns out the CAS was way off. Rotated a tiny bit clockwise and she started to idle.

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