View Full Version : Wire color pin out for S13 Silvia sr20det Lower Harness, E201 connector ?

11-01-2020, 04:25 PM
So i finished my Silvia a couple weeks back. It is a 1990 Silvia that was originally SR20DE Auto and now it is SR20DET Manual, and I used wiring specialties lower harness and everything is complete and stock. Runs and drives great, just have one more 8 pin lower harness connector to mate to 4 pin connector by fuse box then done. I've searched and found all kinds of pin outs but still can't 100% confirm what all the wire colors pin out for. I still have consult port plug and complete AC and no ABS so even if not all wires are needed for car to run I might need them for accessories to function. So the stock s13 sr20det lower harness has the 8 pin I believe it is connector E201, and 4 of the wires match to the 4 pin connector I have by fusebox. Then there are 3 extra wires from E201 connector that I need to figure out what they are for. These are the wire colors, and I put what they might be for, please confirm if you know, thanks.

-Green/White - ABS ECU consult connector?
-White/Red - AT Control Unit?
-Yellow/Blue - Oil Pressure Switch?
-Yellow/Black - AC Defroster?

11-03-2020, 02:19 PM
I think I figured it out, I still don't know exactly what the wire colors correspond to but it's at least connected. I use four of the wires to connect to the 4 pin connector by the fuse box, and the other 3 green wires got taped up because they were redundant because the WR lower harness has the subharness for auto > manual conversion so those wires are there.