View Full Version : s13 KA starter motor running when battery is connected? (pictures)

09-19-2020, 07:00 PM
I rebuilt my stock KA24DE in my 93' 240sx and put it back in. The engine wouldn't crank so I got a new starter, I replaced the old one and wired it up. When I connect the positive wire to battery then I connect the ground wire onto the negative terminal The terminal sparks and tries to weld itself to the ground wire. simultaneously the starter motor starts running like its an apache attack helicopter trying to take off. I bought a new alternator as well to see if that was the issue. Nope.

Below are the clearest and closest photos you will ever see of this section of the car because most photos look like they were taken with a potato by a quadriplegic monkey inside a coal mine. Please, fellow Silvia bros, I just want to hang out with you guys and burn rubber but all of my friends and I are too stupid to understand why this is happening.


The ground wire disconnected from the alternator in this photo is usually attached but this photo was taken after taking it off to diagnose the issue. It has nothing to do with the problem.