View Full Version : SR20DET Valve Guide to Valve clearance

Dominik Ehmke RPS13
06-18-2020, 02:05 PM
Hello everyone,

I need your experience about the clearance of the valve guide to valve.

Now i change the old ones into new BC Racing and set the correct high as well.

The factory tolerance for intake side is 0,02-0,053mm and exhaust side 0,04-0,073mm

Now i set 0,03mm for intake and 0,04mm for exhaust side.

But at the moment iam not shure if the clearance ist right for racetrack application and around 450hp.

By the way, i build a complete new engine for racetrack use.

Can you help me with good experiance from your build,please.

:mepoke: thx a lot Dominik