View Full Version : Coolant in turbo / intercooler piping - what??

06-15-2020, 07:08 AM
Hey, I have noticed that I have coolant spraying out of my oil and water cooled HKS GT-SS turbo (which is essentially just a T28BB).

I don't mean there's coolant leaking anywhere in the engine or from the turbo coolant lines (zero leaks period), but when I remove the hot pipe and look into the snout of the turbo and the intercooler piping going into the intercooler after the car's been running for a bit, there's specks of green liquid (see photos below) and a little pooling up in the turbo.

I previously had a bit of oil coating the I/C piping and pooling as well (from what I assume is the turbo, maybe some other blowback?) but this coolant problem just randomly started happening.

And weirdest of all is that it wasn't happening at all before until after the car was on jacks for a couple of months while I swapped out the A/C compressor and condenser.
I only checked the piping cos I heard a weird noise when it was starting up and thought it could be the turbo (but it's something to do with the compressor - that's a whole other thread..)

Context on the turbo: upgraded from a T25 to this second hand but basically new GT-SS last year (previous owner bought it new, only drove on it for a month or two before moving on), installed it and drove on it for a few months with no issues and definitely no coolant leaking, and then after leaving it for a few months, it suddenly starts spraying coolant.

I assume it's leaking from the main turbo centre cartridge somehow but haven't been able to find any examples online of similar issue. Also have only been able to find oil piston rings as an issue / replacement for leaking oil but nothing about coolant leaking.

So yea, any ideas??

06-15-2020, 06:28 PM
Simple...remove turbo coolant lines, (block them off) and run the car...if theres no coolant in the pipes, then well u know, turbo problems