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04-15-2020, 07:14 PM
Anyone have any clue one what could be wrong...
So my cas works intermittently.
I plugged in my aem boost and oil pressure gauges one pin,like an idiot, over which cause a backed feed to the voltage regulator and cas to stop working. I then plugged gauges in correctly installed new alternator and another cas. Cranked the car with fuel pump unplugged to make sure there was spark. I then plugged fuel pump in and started the car. Everything was working fine until I noticed the car getting hot so I shut it off. Figured out that I unplugged radiator fan, once that was fixed I went to crank the car and NO SPARK.
I took one of my spare cas and plugged in with the key in the on position. While I'm spinning the cas gear by hand, the car has spark. But if I plug into the cas in the head no spark.
I pulled the cas from the head thinking it was bad but when I plug it in, have the key in the on position,and spin cas by hand I have spark.

Went to the garage today and cranked the car with original cas still in it and the car started right up.
I let the car warm up and fans cycled a few times then shut it off. Went to start it back up and no spark but if I plug spare cas in and spin the gear by hand it has spark.

Any ideas will be much appreciated before I burn this 9 year project to the ground.

04-15-2020, 11:39 PM
See if you have a 5v when it's not sparking.

04-17-2020, 03:58 AM
Check the pins/ wiring in the cas connector. With heat from the motor they could expand causing an open. If you have a dmm check resistance in wiring while cold then when hot.

Or you can cold start it and wiggle wiring around

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