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04-04-2020, 04:45 AM
So I just got a CA swap that I'm pulling out of a car. I found out that it has a bad ICM. I never knew how hard it is to find one and how expensive they are. I'm also trying to figure out what generation CA I have. Because my intake manifold goes up like a KA24E but my friends goes down like a DE. I want to know what generation mine is, and if there's any way to make an ICM from another Nissan work while using the stock ecu. Also the ICM has an arrow on it, does it face up or down? Because the car I got has it facing down.

04-10-2020, 03:38 AM
https://www.sxoc.com/vbb/forum.php is a good place for CA knowledge as the UK spec s13's came with them as standard.

JDM has a different intake manifold to eurospec. it has butterfly valves to help emissions,

04-10-2020, 03:44 AM
tbh if you ICM (ignition amplifier) is knackered and you are struggling to find a replacement I would be tempted to just bridge the wires and convert the loom and run the red top VW/AUDI TFSI coilpacks as most OEM CA ones will be getting on for 30 years old.