View Full Version : Idle wont go below 1200 rpm

09-10-2019, 07:35 PM
Hi, I have been battling the idle air fuel ratio for a while now. I was having problems getting the idle below 2500 for a while when I unplug the tps. For the majority of the problem it was just leaks. I've replaced most hoses, I have replaced and adjusted the tps to .45v, tested two different iacv and cleaned/adjusted the spring so the valve closes. I replaced the connection to the air regulator which helped. I've seafoamed this ka, replaced the orings on the injectors, replaced the o2 sensor, replaced the pcv, etc. Pretty much everything I can think of tune up wise. The car runs way better now but I still cant get the idle down below 1200 at 15 degrees. car smells like its running rich now. I am gonna rewire the maf connector because I tapped it earlier on accident and the idle stumbled. My guess is that there is still a leak.

09-10-2019, 09:46 PM
So I replaced the cts a while ago, but I decided to clean the connection. The car idles find now and im able to adjust it normally. still smells like gas coming out the exhaust. I found out the other day that my egr solonoid was unplugged for god knows how long. and it was covered in oil. gonna clean that tomorrow :)