View Full Version : Sr with z32 maf signal voltage

07-25-2019, 03:47 PM
I have a sr20det with a z32 maf and a rs enthaply tuned ecu for the maf and 550 cc injectors my cars running extremely rich and ecu code is 12 so maf. I tried 3 other z32 mags I had laying around then ended up checking the voltage on them.constant power is 12v all grounds good had to re ground the ecu ground because it looked a little burnt at the ecu plug so might as well. The big problem I'm seeing is the signal wire is only get .04 volts with key on engine off on all of the mafs checked voltage at the plug and voltage at the way and it's the same .04 so I'm wondering if there's any insight besides the ecu since it would be a pain trying to find a ecu with the exactly tune on it.