View Full Version : S13 LHD coupe wanted & S13 Radiator support.

07-26-2017, 01:18 AM

I have a 1989 240sx coupe (Silvia conversion) already.

Car has had a front end impact at some point and been repaired..
everything is OK, part from the radiator support.. it is only thing that really looks sick..

Car is not in good shape chassis wise,.. but all the interior, engine, body panels are in really good nick..

so i intend to keep this car going for abit...
so i really want a S13 radiator core support..
if you have or know anyone parting out a car,.. please let me know.


i want to buy a whole car.. car doesnt need to be in good order or have loads of mods. ( i have most of what i need already).
but i do want a fresh shell to build from the ground up..

has to be a working car..
I am importing it to the UAE.. so will have to be checked and approved as a working car to be registered.
I have messaged loads of people on craigslist about selling there car..
If you know or are someone selling a LHD coupe (s13) let me know.