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11-04-2014, 02:14 PM
I have an s13 sr20, i bought it with a Tial Q non recirculation BOV. Rather than getting a recirculating one, i am considering doing a Blow Through Setup with a Z32 MAF

What I already know:

Need a metal, sealed MAF housing
Needs to be on the cold side
Some straight pipe on either side for smooth flow
Bov before the MAF

What i want to know:
Has anyone done it (not people you have heard about, YOU!)
Did it work well
How long did the MAF last
Bov on hot or cold side
Will it work on a ROM tune
Other suggestions

Please don't comment unless you have done it yourself, there's enough confusion regarding the topic already.

11-04-2014, 04:15 PM
I've done it on a few cars. Its only worth the trouble if you are willing to expend the energy and resources for the only real benefit on most cars, of not worrying about whether air will be flowing backwards through the maf, or leaving your nicely closed system (atmospheric bypass). Although it makes tuning easier (compared to map) I would rather deal with a map tune than a maf on the pressure side.

I never found the hassle (it adds a significant length of time to removing/installing plumbing, extra clamps, couplers) or additional complexity (its an extra 2+ places to have leaks, clamps, couplers) to be worth the end result. Honestly if the maf bothers you go MAP.

OH and, always put the blow-off (bypass) as close to the compressor as possible. its job is to protect the compressor, and the shorter the distance between the relief and the compressor the faster it will relief (less volume of air to remove, makes the rate of change of drop pressure faster).

11-04-2014, 06:04 PM
Although not an SR20 forum, ka-t.org has a similar thread that may answer some of your questions on longevity, placement, and tune options


I'm KA-T and blow through with the stock plastic housing trimmed to fit a coupler on the flanged side. I definitely had a leak at the MAF electronics cap but sealed it up good and ran a boost leak test on it until I was happy with the results. Been running for around 5 or 6 months on it now at 10psi.