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10-12-2013, 09:54 PM
XXR Wheels: 521 18x10 Gold Rims (http://www.nlmotoring.com/XXR-521-Wheels-18x10-Gold-p/52180667.htm)

XXR Wheels: 521 18x8.5 Gold Rims (http://www.nlmotoring.com/XXR-521-Wheels-18x8-5-Gold-p/52188667.htm)

my brother has a set of these he never unboxed
xxr521 18x10 +12 rear

and 18x8.5 +25 front
i called the company he bought them from they are allowing me to exchange since they were never touched

they have 18x10 in +25 .. but the 18x8.5 +25 is all they carry ..

now the front fenders have a very slight pull .. and has 300z calipers

the rear qt panel has a ok pull and also has 300z rear calipers ... but i really dont want to pull anymore that what it is
or have to much poke ..

nor do i want to run spacers being that i am boosting the car and i have heard alot of horror stories about that
if i have to i would run spacers but nothing drastic

should i exchange the rear wheels for the +25 or keep the +12

i was also thinking of running a 18x10+ 12 or 25 front ... but clearing and poke is alway the issue

to go up in width is $15 per wheel ... change offset is even exchange

some one can help me .. or if you have them on your car please post specs and pics