View Full Version : KA24DE Build Questions: Wiring and Bore/Hone

09-09-2013, 10:26 AM

I bought a 92 KA24DE for my new build and will purchase a host vehicle once the build is complete due to the fact that parking arrangements are tight at my current residence which makes having 2 vehicles impossible. I'm doing a complete rebuild from the ground up, focusing on the block first and minor rebuild to the head with the possibility of upgrading the head later on. End plan is a KA-T setup on either a t28 or t3/4 pushing around 350-450hp to the wheels.


Wiring- Since it's a 92, it's not set up for OBDII. Through my research I've found mixed opinions on which would be better for my application. I am primarily looking for a hatch so in that case this question would be irrelevant, but I have found decently priced s14's in the same price range that I would be willing to purchase. So pretty much I am wondering:

1- What would be better for a street/track setup OBDI or OBDII as far as tuning etc. I've seen some ems and piggy backs that are only for OBDII but have heard that tuning an OBDI is easier in some aspects.
2- If I was to go with an s14 would I be better off rewiring the whole vehicle for OBDI or doing the modifications to make my 92 KA compatible with OBDII?
a. I've only found some forum items about this regarding sensors on the intake manifold, so what else would I need to do this?

Machine work- I'm down to the bare block, and with the naked eye I can't find any imperfections in the cylinder wall. I haven't taken a micrometer to the walls yet, and do not know the mileage on the engine.
1- Could I get away with just honing the block, or would I be better off in the long run to just get it bored to 91mm? I figure I could meet my hp goals with 89mm but would it be easier with a larger bore? I say 91mm because I have had trouble finding a head gasket in 89.5.

Any help would be much appreciated.