View Full Version : sr20 alternator help!!!! wont charge right

09-03-2013, 11:57 AM
ok everyone, so I had a stock sr20det alt on the s13 black top.. so when the car was on at idle its charging v was 12.5v.. with the car at idle with all acc's on its at like 12.25v.. so I figured ok this is the best time to upgrade to the quest conversion. so I did so... got it all hooked up and tested again and BAMMMMM same thing.. I was like wth..

so I called speciality wiring because I've replaced all wiring in the car except the lower harness.. he told me to check the plug for constant power which I did and it had it.. I checked the chassis ground from the body to intake manifold and it was good.. I'm just not sure what else to check .. he said something about a light, I don't have any battery lights being thrown during this time..

I pulled dash apart and check the light and it was good so does anyone have any answers for me? I'm so confused and this the last thing I need to do to finish my silvia :(... I got a race coming up 28th of this month and it's like a race to the finish..