View Full Version : I chopped Clifford alarm off, CEL for knock sensor, cars in "safe mode". Help please!

08-19-2013, 10:10 PM
I've already searched and asked a lot of people and can't find answers, I know I'm such a giant idiot for what I did ,But I need help, any help is appreciated. Got a check engine light after complete shitty alarm removal. My car has the factory(?) Clifford alarm ('95 s14) and I disconnected its power and ground that ran to batt and then I chopped the 2 electrical taped bundles running into the footwell through the hole the master cylinder for a manual would go. I get a check engine light and the overdrive button doesn't work and car shifts at high rpm and jerks when shifting(safemode too, car bogs and is so slow) (auto) . One bundle of electrical taped wire has a yellow and red wire, other has 2 red wires(one w/ white stripe) and a black wire. . . I just need my cel to go away the alarm didn't even work tje previous owner said it would beep uncontrollably so he pulled a certain fuse for it. . And I'm removing it to install master cylinder for 5sp swap. Is there a fix to this specofic cel or should I just put my non working alarm back in since it didn't cause any problems . I resoldered the wires i chopped up and it made no difference, the car is running super crappy and im just limping along, the first code was P0325 and P1605 was the second. The first was knock sensor circuit and the second was automatic transmission communication . I dont mind the second code since its going manual soon with a manual ECU and it shouldnt bother me. But i want to know if i chopped the knock sensor circuit up. Please help me its my daily driver. I found a new knock sensor online for cheap and its coming soon, I somehow think for some reason that the knock sensor itself went bad? coincidentally at the same time . How can I legitely remove this alarm? Thanks in advance. :naw: