View Full Version : no start issue maybe temp sensor wiring?

08-09-2013, 07:39 PM
i have a ca18det s13 and idrove it around for a bit and it ran great still had the rich cruise issue but other than that it was awesome. i sat at my buddys house right up the street for a sec and when i left i got on it a little harder than normal but not over half throttle i heard a clunking around sound and then it started running rich and stumbling badly. i got it back to the house and found a timing cover bolt came out. i looked around and could see nothing else disturbed but it still ran like crap. i connected nistune and it said temp sensor. so i changed the temp sensor. with the new sensor in it still had a hard code for it so i messed with it some more now magically the code cleared but the car wont even start at all with no code. it is saying the temp is -30 or -40 i cant remember which but im in south ga and its at least 85-90 out. Any ideas?