View Full Version : S20det w/ only boost controller

08-09-2013, 03:04 AM
Hey guys, im pretty new to Nissans, i tried to search but couldnt find a definite answer. (not saying the answer isnt out there because it probably is)

Im looking to buy a s13 soon and i just test drove one local, but im just trying to figure out if its a ticking time bomb or not.

Heres the specs he has posted:

I have a 1990 240sx with an sr20 swap

Title in Hand
Salvaged Title

It has:
Tein lowering springs
new gt28r ball bearing turbo wastegate set to 15psi with about 1000 miles on it
aluminum radiator
aluminum coolant over flow
blitz intercooler
greddy intercooler pipes
Megan turbo elbow
n1 type exhaust
welded diff
Varrastoen rep wheels

I asked where it was tuned at and he said it wasnt tuned, he was just running the boost controller at 15psi, which it was consistently at but is this normal for SR20det with a new turbo to not be running a tune? ive heard they are really fragile.

Any input would be appreciated.