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08-08-2013, 08:31 PM
Problem: After about 20 minutes of driving, my car will start to raise in temperature above the half way mark. If I turn the heater on, I can keep the car under the max temp for quite a while. Also, when ever I stop and start to idle, my car will slowly start to drop in temperature. When it over heats, temps are 200+ . Another thing I noticed is that my oil smelled like Fuel.

Troubleshooting: So I have been troubleshooting this problem for a couple months now. My coolant is good. Topped it off, bled, toppped, bled, checked for leaks under pressure, check for bubbles under throttle, checked for any kind of smoke in the exhaust, everything is showing good for my coolant system. I also pulled the T-Stat out for troubleshooting, and it is still out right now. (T-Stat is good)
I noticed one day while I was checking the dip stick that my oil smelled of fuel. So I checked my fuel pressure and it shows good. I took my injectors out and tested them for leaks, they all show good. I replaced my oil/oil filter. checked for boost leaks to make sure I wasn't loosing metered air other than the BOV upon shifting. Tightened down the BOV a little bit more. Fuel pressure while priming is a little over 40, while running it's about 37.
Spark plugs are clean, but show are just a tiny bit pink. Gapped to 32.
I have two e-fans that pull air towards the motor.

FML: So my car still gets a little too hot, and my oil still gets the smell of gas. Which I think is from running rich. I haven't checked my Compression since the beginning of the year, but I replaced the head gasket in January, along with compression testing and stuff was good.

What's Up In The Hood: I have a stock SR20DET Redtop. FMIC w/BOV, spitfire injection, stock injectors, SR MAF, Wiring Specialties Upper Wire Harness, Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator with dual E-Fans.

Summary: Oil smells like fuel, Engine gets hot, FML, Mom's Spaghetti

08-08-2013, 08:39 PM
For a car to continue overheating without a thermostat, you need to start looking into the cap itself, ensure the radiator isn't clogged, and then start looking into a headgasket related issue.

The oil is always going to smell like fuel on an sr20, I wouldn't let that bother me.

08-09-2013, 09:20 PM
I agree with ace. My first suspect is a leaky HG from getting hot and hot from a leaky hg lol. Also your coolant system works off of a vacuum pressure so if you have any kind of leak in the coolant system it will be crippled. Thoroughly bleed your coolant system for air to include running the heater on full. Make sure there are no pinched, broken, cracked, or blocked lines. Also check your cap like ace said. Then finally if you have no solutions here try doing a compression test to verify if your HG is blown. It could be blown so subtly that it only leaks under load. Good luck man :)

08-10-2013, 02:56 PM
Also it could be as simple as having underpowered fans. Also pretty much every SR runs rich hah