View Full Version : S13 Redtop Swap Issues

08-04-2013, 05:26 PM
Hey Zilvia,

I have recently purchased a 90 Pignose that had already had a SR20 Redtop swapped in. Although, it was missing the wiring. I ordered a replacement SR20 Main harness and it came with a KA lower harness, and went to work. Got all the wiring done and installed, went to crank it and find out it will crank, but not start. I checked and it seems to not be getting spark or fuel. I do know I wired the fuel pump correctly and can hear it prime. The car also has the battery relocated to the trunk, and although only has a wire to bring positive to the harness and the negative terminal to the body. I'm not sure if I have a grounding issue, but I do know that my ECU is not getting 12V to Pin 36(Ignition switch). I think this is causing the ECU to not send Pin 4 the information to turn on the ECCS relay and therefore isn't telling the ignition & EFI to work. I'm fresh out of ideas and need some insight

Just for more information, the car also has a N60 MAF and Z32 ignitor.

EDIT: found issue with wiring for ignition 12v, so now there's spark. And the PO had installed the fuel lines backwards so now there's fuel. Seems to be a timing issue now. Will fix the CAS tomorrow.

08-05-2013, 07:41 AM
^^LOL was wondering if the fuel lines were backwards. Where was the ignition issue?

08-10-2013, 08:07 PM
Sorry for the delayed response. I took off the valve cover and reset the base timing with the CAS and the car started right up, almost instantly. The engine looked incredibly clean when I took the valve cover off and with how fast it started up I want to say the engine has been rebuilt.

I was also having an issue with the transmission being in gear while in neutral, so over the past few days I dropped the transmission and realigned the pins behind the front plate in the bellhousing of the transmission, and voila, it works perfectly lol.

Next is to replace the rear brake lines, install my new Hawk HPS pads, and try to get my A'PEXi SAFC Neo to get my car to idle and run. Should be a big day