View Full Version : 232/232 vs 240/248 cams in S14 KA

07-31-2013, 04:43 PM
So, I had a quick question after searching about this for about two days and very many hours of my life.

I have the 248/232 cam rotated 4 teeth and the car feels like garbage. Much like a 3 year old thread someone lost 20 whp with the cam. So, should I just swap the 232 cam back in, or get an s13 intake cam and put that thing in my ka to make it 240/248?

I've tried to find dynos of stock s14 and stock s13 dynos but I couldn't find too much detailed info. I did find a sheet that compared the 232/232 and 240/248 cams directly but I don't know which lines represent which set of cams.

Suggestions? Thoughts?