View Full Version : sr20det started once stalled now wont start help!

07-27-2013, 07:36 PM
So, i've had many problems with my sr since day one. But! i recently got it running and running great at that! but the other day i threw a rocker arm and snapped a guide. I rebuilt it today put in the right size guide and shim ( measured with dial indicator and feeler gauges) and also installed cs rocker arm stoppers. I get everything back together stabbed the cas at tdc go to start it and the battery is dead, so i charge the battery and it starts right up! Idles great! go to give it a little gas and it barely revved and the stalled. Now it wont start. It cranks over great just wont fire, We've tried a tooth back and a tooth forward...nothing.

Any ideas or suggestions?? im going to plug in nistune tomorrow to see if a tune will help but want some feedback before then.

Also its a s13 blacktop sr20det
godspeed gt2871r
aus 850cc injectors
z32 maf
full 3'' exhaust
circuit sports ras
wiring specialties engine harness
brian crower intake/exhaust valves

If any of that helps

and! If your going to comment saying anything along the lines of "Google it.."
"use a search bar" or "do some research because there 100 posts about this problem" save your time and mine and dont bother.