View Full Version : SR20 harness swap & repin questions...

Zero Limit
07-18-2013, 01:43 AM
Hey Zilvia! I'm new here and I'm going to be taking on the daunting task of doing an S14 to S14 (wc) swap, so please, prepare for some really stupid questions (And yes, I did search the forums!).

I have read this guide but there's just a few things I'm still not 100% sure on: zilvia.net/f/attachments/tech-talk/14016d1219161546-how-s14sr-into-s14-chassis-wiring.pdf

1: When swapping wires that are meant for small ports into larger ones am I just supposed to splice it into a doner wire with the larger pin from the KA harness?

2:Is there any possibility I could pick up the pins at a store or Nissan dealership?

3: This has nothing to do with the PDF/repin guide, I saw in another thread that said I will require the 2 relay plugs, and I will have only one. Well, I saw another guy on Tune2Win, and the 240SX S14 with the KA harness had the 2 relays in it, so I'm not sure what's going on with that. If someone could explain that, that would help a lot. I'm going to find out on my own later this week when I have the time to pull off my kick panel.

If anyone else has done this and could let me know what their experience was like, any tips like labeling wires w/ number tags before installing them into the M63, that would be great. I'm also curious to know how long it's taken some folks. Thanks!

~Please don't flame too hard