View Full Version : rb25 s1 engine harness on s2 engine?

07-14-2013, 03:05 PM
Hey fellas,

as the title says, I'm wondering if I can get a S2 RB25 to run using a S1 harness. The background story is I was under the impression I had a S2 RB25 (in my '97 s14) and purchased a S2 RB25 (with upgrades) only to realize that I, in reality, have a S1.

Now, I already know that there is 1 igniter chip for the S1 and individual ones in the S2. Also, my old harness is wired for the RB25 maf and the new one, for a Z32 maf. Furthermore, the old harness is wired for the rb's TB and the new engine has a Q45 TB.

Apart from that is anyone familiar with problems that might arise from using the S1 harness for the S2 motor? Are there any harness connectors that won't align?

I also got a power fc ecu tuned for the S2 if that has any implications.

My other concern is that I want to keep my interior power accessories. The RB25 S1 harness I have is hardwired to my S14 interior harness (from what i can tell) and the harness that came with the engine came from a car without power accessories (if I remember correctly).

For more facts, this is the new engine I purchased to drop in.

- http://zilvia.net/f/sale-items/512829-rb25-full-swap-power-fc-greddy-hks-exedy.html

If anyone has any insight or ideas, any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,