View Full Version : sr20 miss at idle sputter during boost

07-08-2013, 09:26 PM
Sr20 miss at idle getting hard to start and when under load just sputters I can drive with out spooling and it drives fine

mid mount intercooler hks bov,full exhaust, stock boost, Walbro 255, z32 fuel filter, stock everything else

Things I've tried== timing cas right at 15 degrees, tps at 4.5v, maf switched and tested, plugs New gapped at 35 tried different gaps, boost leaks checked, no vac leaks, fuel pressure checked, cleaned injectors, compression good, coils ohmed good not sure under load...

I have no clue what else to do, I'm going to completely swap coils with my friends but other than that I'm lost besides wiring I'm not sure about wiring due to the fact everything is testing ok...I've searched for days and tried everything I have found in other threads but nothing helps ..p.s e5 ecu no cel l.e.d

Any ideas guys...I'm getting tired of this..the car doesn't smoke or leak the Damn engine is super strong I got the car running like this:nono: