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07-04-2013, 09:29 PM
Hello there.I am new to these forums and such, and out of desperation I have made an account and am here to ask for help.I have always been in these forums to read things but never made an account.until now.

1989 240sx automatic 260,000 miles.Has check engine light that just recently turned off but the problem persists.

My car had a check engine light and I ran the codes and it came up with 23 (leaking fuel injector) and 45 ( throttle position sensor) 2 parts that I had replaced and I adjusted the tps correctly. Reset the computer and the codes were still there, the problem as well.car smells of gas in interior and there is a hint of gas in my oil.maybe a malfunctioning fuel regulator? Anyways..

Problem: My car has been running perfect for about a year until about a month ago.my car wants to stall every time I press the gas too hard.if I am at a dead stop and go to press the gas more than 1/10th of ' floored' it will stall and be very difficult to start.if I press the gas VERY slowly and build it up until about 3000 rpms, I can floor it and it is flawless.if while I'm before 3000rpms and gaining speed and floor it, it sputters real hard and eventually catches itself and pulls forward all the way to redline if I want.it happens in every gear that is lower than around 3000rpms.I can drive the car to 80 mph like this if I need to.car does this in park and neutral as well.

I just replaced the o2 sensor, spark plugs tps, fuel filter and the leaking injector. I checked the maf sensor and fuel pump they are both operating correctly.

I am stumped as to what could be wrong.I have tried many things and asked many people including a couple mechanics and they have no clue

If anyone can help It will greatly appreciated