View Full Version : Brian Crower Cams for S13/14

07-02-2013, 12:02 AM
Hey all just wanted to throw this out there about BC cams. Their cams are interchangable from redtops to blacktops 13's to 14's. I just bought a motor and it is a Redtop but had BC0206 272 cams dropped in it.

I emailed BC and asked if they were ok to run. They replied with in hours and said that they are basically universal. The only reason I questioned this is because on their website they have different part numbers for different cams.

So 264 and 272 cams from Brian Crower will work in either head.

The cams are a direct fit as we make them to fit both the S13 and S14 to avoid confusion. Run with confidence.

Thank you,

Dustin Spencer
Brian Crower, Inc.