View Full Version : Starts when it wants to

07-01-2013, 09:35 AM
So my car's temp gauge spiked and I shut the car off to check and see if all was well. It was, so I tried to turn the car back on. But then it magically wouldnt turn on.

My first thought was the notorious ground wire issue with the starter, checked that and that was not the issue.

So I got the car push started. Which obviously started the car. But then it stalled the minute I let the idle drop. So I push started it again and decided not to let the idle drop until I got home.

All was well on the ride home. I got home and shut it off. For shits and giggles I tried to start it again. Miraculously it started like nothing ever happened.

I have no damn clue what the issue could be. Anyone got any ideas?