View Full Version : Found a Import Tuner Private shop in Shreveport,LA

05-04-2013, 09:23 PM
I don't know how excited I am to post this great news. But To anyone Locally in the Shreveport,Louisiana area. or surrounding areas like Monroe or Alexandria. I found the Guy to fix your import needs. He said to post this info here.
He has owned and worked on S chassis Nissans. He has done over 100 swaps in different kind of imports. Hondas,Nissans,Lexus,Toyota. you name it he has done it.
He's is starting out slowly because the economy is not great but He is a motivated tuner mechanic and earger to work on anyones performance needs.
Prices are super fair
You can order and bring your own parts. obviously you are responsible for your own warranty. DUH!!!

If you are serious to speak to him and seriously. Then (PM) private message me.
And I will give his name and contact number.
He is working on my car. and he is legit.