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Round 1 of the 2013 Formula Drift Proam Lone Star Drift Series and the NonStopTuning Anniversary Event! Whew, that is long!

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE LINK : Round 1 of the 2013 Formula Drift ProAM Lone Star Drift Series | Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/events/328444940603183/)

The 2012 Season is over and done with, and the 2013 Season is upon us. We added 3 new Formula D drivers to the ranks from our series, so Chelsea Denofa will have some company with the pros. All three of our licensed drivers are committing to a full season of Formula Drift, and they are going to have a crazy year! Will Parsons, the winner of last season is building an entirely new chassis, as is Josh Steele. Stewart Leask is refining his, and will probably have the best luck early season with a more refined car that has been under development for years. I am super excited for them all, and hope they have as much luck as Chelsea has had.

And that brings us to the 2013 season. We will again be a Formula Drift licensing body, handing out 3 full 2014 Formula Drift Pro licenses to the winners of our series. We will be using the same points format for the most part, mostly the same venues, and hopefully will have a bunch of new drivers. I have some fun tricks up my sleeve just like last year, and hope to have some celebrity drifters come tandem with us, a new road course for our media day, and other little surprises. With how fast our drivers are advancing in skill I am extremely excited to get my own car together and come drive with everyone! I am doing a tube frame front end and putting the radiator in the back of my own V8 S13, and building up a turbo E46 BMW as well!


March 24 Round 1 event details.

When: March 24, 2013 from 9 am to 7 pm. Drivers arrive at 8 am to get ready, drivers meeting at 9:45, track goes hot at 10 am. Spectators can arrive whenever they like, but I suggest around 10 am or a little later. The competition should start around 3 in the afternoon. There will be action from 10 am on though.

What is it: This is both a practice drift event, plus a competition which is a points race towards your 2014 Formula Drift license, just like we awarded Chelsea Denofa and several others. He is now competing in Formula Drift doing amazing! There will be an advanced course and a beginner course with instructor help. It is the same cost to run regardless of which course you choose, and yes, you can move between courses as you wish.

Where: Gulf Greyhound Park 1000 FM 2004 Rd, La Marque, TX

Price: $75 for drivers and $10 for spectators.

Registration: Drivers must preregister online by PayPaling 75 dollars exactly to [email protected], include your full name and contact info in the description of the transaction. If you do not preregister, we will accept at payment at the gate, but with a 24 dollar late charge bringing your total to 100 dollars. Please register early because I don't want to have to charge you a late fee! Registration closes on Wednesday night before the event at midnight. After that you must pay the late fee, which is designed to make you pay on time! : )

Spectators: You may come and go as many times as you like at the event to get food, or for any other reason. Restrooms are inside the main building about 50 yard off track in the air conditioning. There are multiple cheap food choices within a few hundred yards of the track including Wendy's, Subway, Waffle House, McDonalds, etc for your lunch. You can arrive or leave any time of the day to watch and hang out, but the competition starts at 3 pm. If you bring an appropriate car helmet, not a bicycle helmet you can ride along in the drift cars! Bring cold water, shade, and chairs!


March 23 classroom clinic on the basics of drifting

NOON TO FIVE PM at Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Texas City
2440 Gulf Freeway
Texas City, TX 77591
(409) 986-6700

The day before the event on the 23rd, we will be hosting a classroom session on the basics of drifting. I wish someone did this for me when I was starting out, because I spent about a year back in 2003 trying to figure out how to pull an brake and have it do something useful, which is a trick I can now teach in a few minutes. We will cover everything from how to drift to how to modify cars to drift, and which cars to choose. We do these classes so you don't struggle so much when you first start, and so you have more fun! We will have myself and at least one other person that has been or is currently licensed as a Formula D driver teaching.

Here are the questions everyone will probably be asking.

Cost: Free for the classroom session.

Who can come: Anyone, but we will be covering the basics and touching on advanced stuff, but focusing on basics. Beginners and drivers in their first year of driving would be the ideal candidates for this, but anyone can come learn and ask even advanced questions. Please RSVP for a spot just so I make sure we don't overbook, and if you have any questions, just shoot me a PM or text me at 210.269.4071.


And don't forget we have a racer program for cheap awesome tires from KENDA TIRES! If you drive at our events, you get a discount on some very long lasting tires! I have been getting 20-30 laps out of 1 set in my LS1 car if I am careful about it! They ship them directly to you fairly quickly, normally you will get them within a few days to a week of ordering them, but don't wait until the last minute.

KENDA TIRES RACER PROGRAM 2013 (http://www.fabricatedmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=2319.0)

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Heellll yes!
Can't wait :)

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I am super proud to post up the prizes for our Fabricated Motorsports/Lone Star Drift Series season winner. The structure of this year's prizes was very carefully planned out to have maximum impact on the winner's chances of continuing on to Formula Drift in 2014. Please share this to all of our drivers in our region so they are aware of the overall prizes this year. We will also have individual event prizes as well, so don't forget about those!!!!

The winner of our series will receive the following items!!! :

2014 Formula drift license

Spec Clutch sponsorship package, which includes a clutch/flywheel/pressure plate setup

BC Racing sponsorship package, which includes a set of custom coilovers and engineering support

Garrett Turbo sponsorship package, which includes turbos for the year for your race car, repairing them, and engineering support

FREE SEMA TRIP! You will be flown out to SEMA in lovely Las Vegas, and your room and food will be taken care of. You will be provided with a SEMA entry pass. No hookers or strippers included.

A sit down appointment will be scheduled with a tire company at SEMA, and you will be given the chance to sell them on your Formula Drift season.

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Counting down the days!

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Im gonna be rooting for Dave Briggs. He is rocking the S14 Kouki with an insane sr20 built. that's putting out I think 750+HP and more.

The dude can drift. He's Canadian ey!! but who cares. if you can drift you got my vote.


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Round 1 was amazing! Thanks for coming out everyone, it was humongous! 82 drifters and 1600 spectators!!!! HERE COMES ROUND 2! Go join the event thread!!!