View Full Version : OKC S13 Part out

10-30-2012, 04:44 PM
So i have decided to get rid of my s13 :rl: (trying to find an s14).
there is no title which is part of the reason im not going to fix it.
So now those in the OKC area, unless you want to pay for shipping.
i am going to part out my OEM Cream s13. everything from doors to hatch are going.
i will not part out the Engine, Its a KA24DE(but you know, money does talk)
So if you are looking for anything let me know. Im going to get the car out of storage in the next few days so i will put up a list of parts, i will not have pictures of everything but i can take them as requested. What doesn't go by december 15th is going to the scrapyard.


Also, if you want to offer other parts, i may be willing, going to an s14 so you should know what i want.