View Full Version : 2 day drift clinic in Texas, October 27-28 2012

09-28-2012, 03:08 PM
Here is the facebook event page: October 2 day drift clinic | Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/events/485055614845952/?context=create)


In the interest of making our Texas drivers better, we are hosting more of these clinic days. Some of these clinics will be very small, such as this one, and some of them will be much larger. This will be a small one though.

10-27-2012, Saturday.

What is it: Basic drift clinic focusing on the basics of drifting.

Who: Stew and Aaron will be teaching this class. Anyone can attend that is interested in drifting.

Where: 1914 Fairmount Avenue, Fort Worth.

When: Noon till 5 pm Saturday before the Mineral Wells drift practice day.

Cost: Free on Saturday.


10-28-2012, Sunday.

What is it: Normal Mineral Wells practice day with a focus on teaching some drivers the fundamentals of drifting, and getting them started on their way. Stew and Aaron will be teaching and helping out drivers, along with any of our other advanced drivers that want to come out and help people learn.

Who: Anyone that wants to practice on their own, or get some one on one time with instructors.

Where: Mineral Wells Airport.

When: Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Cost: 50 to drive, 5 to spectate.


If I get interest from a few of our tandem drivers that want to practice, I can arrange to bring out my own S13 and come out and tandem practice as well. I will need interest from at least 4 of our tandem drivers though. We could set up an advanced tandem clinic if there is interest.

Instructor: Aaron Losey

Experience: Licensed D1 driver, previously licensed FD driver, licensed Nopi Drift driver. Has driven at more than 100+ drift events. Tandemed with people like Diago Saito, Nomuraken, Ueno and tons of other amazing drivers. 8+ years of drifting.


Instructor: Stewart Leask

Experience: Previously licensed FD driver, licensed Nopi Drift driver. Has drifted at a crap ton of events all over the country. 8+ years of drifting.