View Full Version : building a sr20det need a good machine shop?

09-10-2012, 07:36 PM
Im not sure if I am in the right area but I have a sr20det red top that i am going to build looking at 500whp i kinda have a rough idea of what i am going to do and what i would like in it. But i would like a shop that has experience in these motors to do the machining and installing parts and helping out with the little things like getting quality little parts timing chain kit and just a bunch of the little things. I am redoing everything top to bottom. I am on the east coast I am in greenville south carolina right but the motor is at my house in new york (tri-state area). So if someone could help me find a shop in this area there is a lot of room and i am willing to go lower to like the Atlanta area if i need to.