View Full Version : Burnt clutch? Locked brakes? Bad trans? Please help

08-23-2012, 08:26 PM
I have an s13 coupe, redtop sr with ka trans, exedy stage 1 clutch (so i was told) and j30 vlsd and stock brake system beside 5 lug conv. & slotted rotors

Did some burnouts and brake stands etc the other day, noticed an odd smell and the car was grabbing when in neutral/clutch disengaged. Saw some smoke coming from trans area and i also noticed my brake pedal was rock hard and very sensitive. Took it home parked it for a few days, got it in the air today and noticed trans rear seal is shot, spewed fluid all over under carriage and in shift boot. Checked the front brakes to see if they were locked up. They spin freely by hand, figured its not the front brakes bc I wasn't even able to push my car when it was In neutral the night it all happened.

So my question is, did I burn the clutch, lock the brakes or is my trans completely out of fluid and just shot or something else.

Btw my trans fill plug was layered in locktite or some shit and I cannot get it off to save my life, it was completely mangled before I took some sharp vices to it.

Never smelled a burnt clutch before so I'm kind of in a pickle and on top of that, i just moved to mooresville nc and I'm new in town and have no clue who to turn to for help.

Please any help or opinion is greatly appreciated.