View Full Version : Wanted: SR20DET

12-13-2001, 04:03 PM
Is there anyone parting with a SR20DET or know where i should be looking to find one?<img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/confused.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'>

Zenki Two40
12-13-2001, 04:06 PM
<a href="www.unstable-hybrids.com" target='_blank'>www.unstable-hybrids.com</a>

they have prices for s13-s15 sr20det's on there if ya wanna check it out.

12-14-2001, 11:08 AM
(hey blank, dont forget www.boostdynamics.com !!!!)

(or Grumpy www.mckinneymotorsports.com !!!!)

plug plug plug

Zenki Two40
12-14-2001, 02:47 PM
haha, of course not, sorry guys!

12-18-2001, 09:41 PM
I have one for sale.